The seals and sea lions at Seaquarium




In the giant pool in Seaquarium's marine mammals' area, you'll find number of harbour seals and Patagonian sea lions ...

It's always a great fun to watch the seals and sea lions cavorting about in the Marine  Mammals' area: sit in the terraces and watch them swimming, sleeping and eating...

You might even be able to play with some of the younger ones in the undersea observatory !

Guests are generally informed of the next meal being served to these cheerful Pinnipedia over the loudspeaker…




the only male Patagonian sea lion in Seaquarium, Simba is the first sealion hosted here. 

 He weighs nearly 300 kg and, despite his size, he's an excellent learner who loves working with the trainers and enjoy amusing our guests ...






born in 1993, she travelled a lot before joining the other sea lions in Seaquarium in 2009.

 Lola weighs 120 kg and has a very strong character to match ! Highly intelligent, she still has a lot to learn in order to become as skilful as the other 2 sea lions.






born in Germany in 2005, she arrived at Seaquarium in February 2014, with her baby Tess.

She is a really calm and nice animal. Even if she gets a lot of behaviours to learn to perform in pedagogic presentations, she gets a relationship of trust with her trainers.






born in July 2013, she joins the Seaquarium in Fébruary 2014 at the age of one and a half with her mother Maggie.

She is a young sealion very dynamic . She plays a lot with other animals and trainers. Even if she is a beginner in training, she learns very quickly new behaviours.





Tali is a young female harbour seal born in 2006.

You can pick her out from the others by her coat which is much more spotted than the other seals.
She loves to sunbathe in between training sessions.







Sinaï is a young female harbour seal who was born in Seaquarium in 2007.

Sinaï is still quite unruly during training sessions but she's pretty elever and she learns the exercises relatively fast.






Kaïla is a very dynamic female harbour seal, born in Seaquarium in 2004.

She loves following the visitors who wander along the undersea observatory, and she's always ready to do some somersaults to amuse both children and adults ...







born in 2003, Mona was the first baby seal to be born in Seaquarium... which makes her the oldest in the group of 4 seals.

She's calm and very attentive during the training sessions.