Visit the Requinarium,
the extraordinary shark sanctuary !


Unique in Europe

Seaquarium guests will love the 1000 m2 Requinarium dedicated entirely to sharks, one of the most fantastic predators to live in our oceans in the last 400 million years...

Over 30 species of shark swim around the giant aquariums (including one aquarium built on 2 levels)… a real feast for the eyes !

To help you learn more, we've designed an enjoyable and educational discovery trail, with games and videos that will teach you lots more about their behaviour and their anatomy.

By the end of your visit, you'll know all there is to know about sharks !

Open to all the family, the Requinarium is like a human-scale manual, with a permanent exhibition about 350 species of sharks that will make you shiver... with pleasure !


Learn and have fun ...


A modern museology

This new scientific culture centre is dedicated entirely to sharks, the huge predators that we know so little about. Here you'll have the chance to complete your discovery of the undersea world through highly enjoyable and hands-on activities !

Enter the Requinarium and you'll find out that there are not 2 or 3 species of shark as we usually think, but more than 350, and that their average size is one and a half metres !
Who said that sharks are all huge monsters ?

Walk round to your left and you'll see a giant 2-level pool shared by grey sharks, zebra sharks, crested bull head sharks, black-spotted cat sharks and a multitude of coral reef fish…
Who said that sharks eat everything they come accross ?






Go round this pool to the left and you'll see the more discreet, noctural deep sea shark, the rapid lagoon sharks and the carpet shark which we tend to overlook as it's so well camouflated in the sand.

Who said that the sharks all look alike ?

 You'll learn that there are sharks in the Mediterrean Sea and that rays belong to the same family as sharks…






During the discovery trail, you'll also come across a Megalodon's jaw, a 15-metres shark that is now extinct. You'll discover an exceptional collection of sharks' jaw with teeth that grow continuously, and open some terrifying fridges where you'll learn that sharks don't all eat the same thing at every meal…


Both children and adults will have fun as they learn via the different interactive activities about sharks' hunting tools, the evolution and adaptatrion of sharks over the course of history, and their different prey depending on their type of teeth…





But your exploration into the world of sharks wouldn't be complete without knowing that sharks can also learn and that the handlers train the different species in the big pool, allowing them to handle an animal that needs treatment without stress or danger.


Another discovery that will probably surprise you is the extremely vulnerable nature of these predators which suffer from an often unjustified reputation… making them an endangered species !!!