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The Seaquarium Institut Marin is a center of scientific culture with missions of general interest exclusively dedicated to the study, enhancement and active preservation of marine ecosystems.

A place of discovery and perpetual astonishment, a lively and committed playful and educational space, the Seaquarium Institut Marin strives to change our view of the marine world as well as our relationship with animals and raises awareness from an early age on responsible behavior. and the effective actions that we must adopt and carry out together to sustainably protect our most precious common good: our blue planet.

Avec plus de 2400 m2 consacrés à la vie marine, il compte de nombreux bassins dans lesquels évoluent plus de 2000 poissons de la Méditerranée et des Tropiques, plus de 25 espèces d’impressionnants requins, des phoques et des otaries joueurs

With more than 2400 m2 devoted to marine life, it has many basins in which more than 2000 fish from the Mediterranean and the Tropics, more than 25 species of impressive sharks, playful seals and sea lions…

Mediterranean Area, Tropical Area, Plastic Invasion, Marine Mammals Pole, Imaginarium, Sharkarium…

The different areas in Seaquarium Institut Marin have been organised as an interactive trail, designed to help you to learn and understand while having fun as much as possible and to transform you in real actors of marine protection.
Your visit will be both informative and fun for the whole family !