Our mission

The mission of the Seaquarium Institut Marin

Know better and make better known the marine world to better protect it.

We protect better what we know well.

This is why the Seaquarium Institut Marin aims to develop our knowledge of marine ecosystems: study habitats and populations, analyze the threats to species in order to better understand them.

But for this desire to act to have an impact, it must be shared: it must unite zookeepers, scientists, biologists, partners, decision-makers and visitors and teachers. And for that, to be transmitted. This is the whole role of the visit routes, the museography and the action and preservation programs of the Seaquarium Institut Marin.

We aspire to stimulate and grow a desire to act together to protect all marine ecosystems.

We believe this happens through:

  • innovative tours that can educate parents, children, young and old.
  • large-scale field actions, which show the possibility of taking concrete action.
  • an active research center.
  • an irreproachable ethic of care, through multiple partnerships to increase the scope of the actions we carry out.

And we are convinced that these tools are all necessary levers to create a community of committed actors, to open a path and allow everyone to get involved, and contribute with us to this common momentum.

Our manifesto

Watch our manifesto:

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