Sea turtles

A visit to the Turtle Museum will reveal all the secrets of Sea Turtles

A critically endangered species, sea turtles are fascinating and truly loveable animals! Find out more about their specific features, the threats to their survival and the different ways we can help to protect them…

  • Among other things, you’ll discover that there are 7 species of sea turtle and that 5 can be observed in the Mediterranean Sea, including 3 species which can be seen quite frequently.
  • With all the dangers that turtles have to face at different moments of their life, only 1 turtle in 1000 makes it through to adulthood!
  • Introduce your children to the job of a trainer at the “turtle hospital” by taking in, caring for and then releasing a virtual turtle looked after in the health centre.
  • Located in the Seaquarium, the CESTMed (Centre for studies and safeguard of sea turtles in the Mediterranean) is the leading Mediterranean health centre in France. It takes in and treats sea turtle accidentally caught up in fishermen’s nets. Once they have recovered, they are released back into the sea…
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