Sharksand rays

Discover the Requinarium, a unique space in Europe, entirely dedicated to sharks!

The Requinarium is a 1000 m² museographical space, a fantastic marine sanctuary given over to the Shark, one of the most fearsome predators ever to swim the oceans in the last 400 million years. Discover everything you always wanted to know about the biggest sharks on the planet!

Accessible to the whole family, the Requinarium is a genuinely life-sized manual, with a permanent exhibition dedicated to 500 species of shark, giving you even greater thrills… of delight!

  • With almost 30 shark species swimming around the giant aquariums, including one that spans 2 floors, it’s an experience you won’t forget in a hurry!
  • Learn through fun… enjoy an entertaining educational tour with lots of games and videos to help you understand the behaviour and discover the anatomy of these impressive sea creatures…
  • You’ll also discover that sharks can learn too and enjoy the practice sessions that are held several times a week during the feeding time of our zebra sharks and carpet sharks!
  • Another major discovery is that these animals with such a bad reputation are highly vulnerable, which means that most sharks are in danger of extinction!
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