Sea Lions & Sealshappy marin mammals !

Visit the harbour seals and Patagonian sea lions at the giant pool in the Seaquarium Institut Marin, the marine mammals’ area.

Meeting our seals and sea lions is always a very special moment… Take a seat on the stands around the big outdoor pool in the Sea Mammals area and watch them swimming, sleeping and maybe feeding…
You can see the trainers interact with the mammals at various times of the day…

  • Training sessions are organised to desensitize our seals and sea lions in case they need medical attention, but the sessions can also be very lively and amusing.
  • There are also frequent presentations of our pinnipeds and the work of our trainers… Listen out for the call over the microphone inviting you to join them round the pool.
  • On the ground floor, the Zen’Otarie is ideal for a relaxing break, and you can watch the seals and sea lions swimming around in their aquatic environment, and sometimes even play with the youngest of them!
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